Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Twizzo Stuff Recap

Social Media Day Philly is tonight! And you know what that means...Twizzo! Let's do a Twizzo recap really quickly:

  • Just like quizzo except you don't write your answers down, you tweet them to @smdphilly
  • Only one person needs to be tweeting for your team; this means...
  • In order for your answers to show up on the big screen, that person's tweets need to be public OR that person needs to be followed by @smdphilly
  • The first team to get the question right gets the point, fastest-finger style!
  • Teams should be 4 people +/-, but keep in mind that we only have prizes in fours, which means if you have a team of 5 and win, someone won't get a prize :\
  • After your teams are set up, you'll talk to @justinjsilva for a Team Sheet to write your Twitter handle and team name; this is how we'll keep your score
  • Spelling does not count! You just have to be close enough
  • We'll start at 8pm and go for about an hour with a ten minute halftime break
  • When we end around 9pm, we'll tally the scores and announce the winners!
  • There are a bunch of prizes for the top teams, and the 1st place team will get to take their pick, then 2nd place, and so on

If you have any questions at all, tweet them to @smdphilly and we'll clear things up!

Study hard, and we'll see you tonight!

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